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Our combined executive team has over 20 years experience with the U.S. Department of Justice, over 15 years in private and international investigative work including having conducted, collected & analyzed thousands of crime scenes worldwide including many high profile cases.


Tarine K. Fairman - President & CEO

Yukihiro Izawa - Executive Vice President

Phillip D. Merriweather - Senior Advisor

Jay Rosborough - COO at 3SL


We believe security is not merely a measure or state of being, but rather the confidence to carry out objectives without fear or apprehension.

We understand security in an insecure world lies in the establishment of integrated countermeasures against threats that appear to be unknown, unforeseen and untimely.

We believe through experience, collaboration and expertise, we hold the keys to unlock excellence in the development and implementation of programs that protect the assets, reputation and profitability of our clients.