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We have developed cutting edge programs and services above and beyond basic corporate protocols to enhance your corporate safety, security and survivability.

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The phrase, "due-diligence" has rapidly become a common term or service that has been inherently lost in translation, due mostly to the very loose interpretation of its meaning and the fact that most don't understand the inherent protocols, policies and procedures necessary to conduct one correctly and/or successfully.

The truth is there are less than a handful of countries with functional database systems that store real-time identifiable information. Therefore, a proper due-diligence involves the physical investigation of an individual in their home or country of record. "The only approach is a hands-on approach," says Mr. Ty Fairman, CEO and founder of the I-SAFE Group.

I-SAFE prides itself in its ability to conduct due-diligence investigations anywhere in the world. Our outreach and capabilities are above reproach, whereas we pride ourselves in the ability to uncover information detailing all aspects of a person's professional, educational, social, economical and political past and present. I-SAFE will ensure that an I-SAFE investigator is physically present to coordinate and conduct any and all due-diligence investigations globally. I-SAFE will not rest its reputation on the total performance of an outside vendor. However, I-SAFE realizes the pertinence in local coordination, assistance and outreach.

Please contact an I-SAFE professional for a free consultation on any and/or all of your due-diligence needs.

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With the global recession affecting all aspects of banking, investments, commodities and international business operations, there has been an increase in fraudulent claims of traders with trade platforms, sellers of diamonds and gold at huge discounts and amounts, and grandiose financial opportunities offering returns that sound too good to be true. These profits are said to range from 100% per week, 50-100% per day and amounts that yield staggering and unbelievable returns. Many honest investors are continually provided details of these very large profits, but the disclosure of the specific platforms and/or true identities of the principals are held with discretion. Brokers and/or intermediaries are rooted in the recruitment of would-be investors, explaining that the investor's funds are protected and kept in an escrow account, whereas the funds will never leave the account. Unfortunately, after weeks and/or months of diversions and excuses, the investors discover that their funds are gone. In many of the opportunities involving the procurement and sale of diamonds and gold, large tranches are offered, contracted and ultimately met with the proposed buyer spending thousands of dollars on assets that actually never existed. In other instances, would-be buyers, investors and/or brokers place their trust into local diamond & gold bullion/dust/dore bar agents, commissioners and brokers that specialize in fraud. Unfortunately, they end up paying ridiculous fees for unnecessary services, expenses and taxes. At the end of the day, there is no gold, diamonds or any sign of product.

I-SAFE Group specializes in the arrest of these criminals, recovering an investor's assets and ensuring that the individuals involved are held accountable for their actions. We operate across various international jurisdictional lines of authority and can ensure that our clients obtain justice and subsequently a recovery of either some or a portion of their funds. Our proven tactics and techniques fall within the realm of legal investigative protocols, policies and procedures and were designed to ensure that our clients are not engulfed in litigation that may drag on for years. In addition, we also ensure that the culprits do not get the option to bribe the low-paid constables, police, investigators or superintendants.

Please contact an I-SAFE professional, and we will provide you a free consultation regarding the possible recovery of your assets, your introduction and possible involvement in a trade program or your intent to procure diamonds, gold or any other commodity internationally.

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Diamond and gold purchase and procurement opportunities have saturated the Internet and have even led many would-be buyers and investors to try their luck in physically seeking these commodities throughout Africa and South America. Unfortunately, many individuals and/or entities don’t understand the license requirements, policies, procedures, safety, security and especially the cultural and political dynamics of a specific country in Africa or South America. As a result, many return frustrated, angry, emptyhanded and in many instances, robbed of their money.

I-SAFE is a licensed and registered security firm in Sierra Leone and Ghana, and has founded CIRD International (SL) limited, a commodities import research and development company, that is licensed and registered to buy and export commodities in Sierra Leone and Ghana. I-SAFE and CIRD have partnered with chiefdoms, miners and agents that have gold, diamonds and other commodities for sale. We provide access to our commodity sources and ensure, the client is able to analyze, negotiate, purchase, export and depart with their assets. We provide a safe and secure procurement environment and ensure, the Kimberley Process is completed for legal export of the client’s commodities out of Africa and to the client’s intended country for import.

We have a proven record of diamond and gold procurement and export and offer free consultation for potential clients who desire to purchase these commodities from its origin.

In addition, our personal and business relationships with various paramount chiefs, throughout Sierra Leone, enables us the opportunity to introduce mining and procurement projects to investors and miners. We have the authority to offer river dredge operations, mining and other mineral exploration and procurement opportunities to investors or entities that meet certain pre-qualifications.

Please contact an I-SAFE professional for details and a rare opportunity that is not available for most.


ISAFE Group will provide an overview encompassing physical security, employee emergency protocols, preventative strategies and include a full review of areas in which improvement in these areas can be made. Corporate examples of well-executed plans utilized in the World Trade Center attack will be reviewed. A customized plan for preparation in the event of a terrorist act, including chemical, biological and nuclear threats towards a corporate institution, will be developed for your company.

To date, numerous investigations have been forwarded by ISAFE Group to law enforcement agencies, which have led to millions of U.S. dollars in recovered assets. ISAFE Group is fully cognizant that in many sensitive cases, discrete investigations are paramount to corporate security and reputation. For this reason, convert investigations are a leading strength of ISAFE Group. This can lead to the resolution of corporate crimes without disclosure to the media and/or law enforcement agencies.


All investigations handled by ISAFE Group will utilize Advanced Link Analysis Systems, the same system employed by the FBI for major case operations. Basic investigative cases will identify and interview individuals that may pose a threat to your corporation. These services can also include investigative profiling, which will provide a more extensive assessment of an individual's social and/or behavioral history. ISAFE Group will liaison and contact appropriate officials internationally, if necessary, for criminal and/or civil prosecution.

To date, numerous investigations have been forwarded by ISAFE Group to law enforcement agencies, which have led to millions of U.S. dollars in recovered assets. ISAFE Group is fully cognizant that in many sensitive cases, discrete investigations are paramount to corporate security and reputation. For this reason, convert investigations are a leading strength of ISAFE Group. This can lead to the resolution of corporate crimes without disclosure to the media and/or law enforcement agencies.


ISAFE Group has the ability to conduct extensive polygraph examinations performed by some of the world's best FBI polygraphers. The same techniques are utilized to uncover important details of any possible theft, embezzlement, and/or fraud against your corporation. ISAFE Group is comprised of the most proficient and most highly advanced investigators in the world with extensive years of expertise, including the lead investigator that conducted the ENRON investigation.

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ISAFE Group offers critical peer review and forensic crime scene processing and professional services. Prior search warrant and/or evidence collection techniques will be reviewed and recommendations will be offered. Corporate applications include forensic processing of offices and paperwork for evidence, such as fingerprints, footprints, hairs/fiber and DNA-blood evidence, which may help to provide certain information in violent crimes.

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Our private client services practitioners are experienced at identifying, evaluating and establishing countermeasures that protect our client’s assets from unacceptable risk.

Security Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (Commercial and Residential)

A security survey is a tool we use to conduct a critical on-site assessment of your residence, facility, institution or campus, to determine its current level of security, to identify deficiencies (or excesses), and vulnerabilities, thus allowing us to make recommendations toward determining the appropriate levels of protection required to enhance the overall security program.

Crisis Planning and Emergency Response Program

This program is designed to help us assist you in the development of a written plan to address your response to nature and man-made disaster, the development of internal emergency response teams, and procedures to follow in emergency situations to help your organization:

• Protect the lives and reduce risk of injury to employees, guest and visitors.
• Protect property; and
• Help in the restoration of normal operations.

Once the plan is developed we’ll train your staff and assisting personnel in every aspect of exercise, from orientation to full-scale interactive exercises.

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The ISAFE Group can provide Executive Travel Support for your organizations domestic and international travelers, as well as your expatriates and/or missionaries living and working abroad. Services include:

• Monitoring intelligence and provide country overviews
• Briefings on protocols for international travel security
• Providing country/city threat briefings
• Providing threat scenario training
• Preparing the traveler to handle crisis or emergency situations while abroad
• Arranging airport concierge service for traveling groups
• Arranging translator service
• Arranging transportation (livery or security drivers) and protective details
• Project planning your international event’s security needs
• Evacuation planning


ISAFE will develop and implement integrated security programs that will also support the routine operations of your organization and can be utilized by executive level staff and/or your security or facilities management liaisons to discuss best practices or recommend an appropriate countermeasure for an unusual incident or newly discovered vulnerability.

Our training seminars are designed to provide effective instruction in theprinciples of protection, security, investigation, investigative methods, analysis, and conflict resolution. The personnel assigned the tasks of protection, security and investigations will benefit from our professional training seminars. ISAFE develops solutions based on the individual client’s needs. Our consultants are also available to augment your seminars or training programs with segmented presentations on a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to:

• Legal Overview for Security Personnel
• Policy Design and Implementation
• Security Integration & Infrastructure Protection
• Crisis Management • Surveillance Detection
• Interviews and Intelligence Gathering
• Compliance Restraint & Detainment
• Disturbance & Distraction Compliance
• Workplace Violence: Training, Assessment Consulting and Investigations
• Report Writing


We will provide the essential information needed to minimize liability from terrorism events. Topics to include methods to prevent, detect and manage a weapons of mass destruction event. Case studies from worldwide crisis terrorism events will be reviewed.


ISAFE will plan, coordinate, and conduct simulated crises events for your corporation. The number of participants from your company can range, from partial to full staff, Advanced evacuation plans, employee support mechanisms and interaction with responding law enforcement or emergency medical support agencies will be presented in real time and real situation scenarios. Successful completion will offer employees a better sense of safety in the event a crisis occurs.

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Large scale bio-chemical and/or nuclear events can be simulated. Detection and first responder issues will be presented. Establishment of command post operations and coordination of investigative responses will be tested. Events can be multi-day and multi-location drills. The ISAFE Group founders were responsible for the coordination of all response management for the 9/11 World Trade Center Bombing.