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We have developed cutting edge programs and services above and beyond basic corporate protocols to enhance your corporate safety, security and survivability.

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When you need to know exactly who you’re dealing with, Enhanced Due Diligence reporting gives detailed integrity and advanced background checks on any entity or individual-wherever their location.

Your business, its associations and its organizational structure are unique. No enhanced due diligence investigation is ever the same. By undertaking a detailed review of new and existing customers and third parties, you can help safeguard your reputation and comply with regulatory requirements. It ensures sound compliance standards and helps you make more informed decisions.


Legal, Discreet and Ethical Service - Our researchers only access risk information in the public domain, using respectful, non-evasive data collection methods.

Trusted Information Sources - Numerous corroborating public-and covert-human intellectual sources, leveraging structured World-Check Risk Intelligence data.

Structured, Comprehensive Background Checks - Get a full risk picture detailing organization, multinational companies and beneficial ownership, operating and litigation history, key management and decision-makers.

In-house Research Capabilities - Best-in-class sources and search methodologies, including content management and business process improvement teams.

Global Coverage with Local Knowledge - With local people and/or local teaming agreements in all major markets, we understand the local nuances and details, even where information may be less reliable, due to the lack of national database systems.

Please contact an I-SAFE professional for a free consultation on any of our services.

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The procurement and/or purchase of precious minerals and metals in Sierra Leone has proven to be challenging for many seasoned buyers. For those who are new to the industry, their mission may end up a disaster, due to their lack of understanding of the regulatory laws that are strictly enforced by the National Minerals Agency.


I-SAFE maintains personal and business relationships with various Paramount Chiefs, throughout Sierra Leone, that enable us to introduce mining, mining support and other investment opportunities to our clients.

In addition, we are aware of various strategic metal minerals that are basically untapped and positioned for immediate profit. I-SAFE consultants can assist you with locating the areas and facilitating the meetings with the “Grassroots” entities that are integral to a successful mining operation.


• Agro-business and Agricultural investment strategies;
• Investor and Transaction advice – Buyer/Seller profiling;
• Mining and Rehabilitation services;
• Fishing;
• Equity and debt raising
• Strategic planning
• Bespoke solutions based on our clients’ requirements.
• Immigration and In-Country assistance;
• Security of Investment;
• Legal assistance;
• Project development, management; and funding;
• Due Diligence reports;
• Procurement and Tender services;
• Import and Export services;

Please contact an I-SAFE professional for a free consultation on any and/or all of your due-diligence needs.

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Diamond and gold purchase and procurement opportunities have saturated the Internet and have even led many would-be buyers and investors to try their luck in physically seeking these commodities throughout Africa and South America. Unfortunately, many individuals and/or entities don’t understand the license requirements, policies, procedures, safety, security and especially the cultural and political dynamics of a specific country in Africa or South America. As a result, many return frustrated, angry, emptyhanded and in many instances, robbed of their money.

I-SAFE is a licensed and registered security firm in Sierra Leone and Ghana, and has founded CIRD International (SL) limited, a commodities import research and development company, that is licensed and registered to buy and export commodities in Sierra Leone and Ghana. I-SAFE and CIRD have partnered with chiefdoms, miners and agents that have gold, diamonds and other commodities for sale. We provide access to our commodity sources and ensure, the client is able to analyze, negotiate, purchase, export and depart with their assets. We provide a safe and secure procurement environment and ensure, the Kimberley Process is completed for legal export of the client’s commodities out of Africa and to the client’s intended country for import.

We have a proven record of diamond and gold procurement and export and offer free consultation for potential clients who desire to purchase these commodities from its origin.

In addition, our personal and business relationships with various paramount chiefs, throughout Sierra Leone, enables us the opportunity to introduce mining and procurement projects to investors and miners. We have the authority to offer river dredge operations, mining and other mineral exploration and procurement opportunities to investors or entities that meet certain pre-qualifications.

Please contact an I-SAFE professional for details and a rare opportunity that is not available for most.

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We provide both international and domestic expertise in all forms of corporate and/or private investigations, both inside and outside of your company. We will serve as the guardian and protector of your organization, defining new standards for corporate and private investigations. We protect and create value for our clients’ core or intended business domestically or internationally.

Specific understanding and knowledge of domestic and international law enforcement and judicial systems is our specialty. Our investigators specialize in High-Yield Investment fraud, Wire fraud, Internet fraud, Precious Mineral fraud, Blackmail, Extortion, Corporate Espionage and adherence to regulatory policies, protocols and procedures, to name a few. No matter the jurisdiction, if our clients utilized United States Dollars in the furtherance of their proposed business transaction, I-SAFE investigative professionals will predicate your case, provide a presentation to the applicable agency and seek arrest and court proceedings on your behalf.

Please contact an I-SAFE professional for details and a rare opportunity that is not available for most.


Risk Advisory Services-

We help companies or private clients help in aligning their business decisions based on structural and variable risks, creating a total risk perspective.

Security Risk Assessment-

Safeguard your assets with our reliable security risk assessment. To maintain profitability, companies need to stay fully operational at all times. That’s why our clients turn to our team of experts for Comprehensive Security Risk Assessments services. Our domestic and global resources allow us to fully analyze and evaluate situations world-wide. Our experts will:

• Assess threats and vulnerabilities

• Provide a detailed review of employee safety and security processes at all client locations

• Conduct compliance audits against your existing security provisions or mandates

• Develop a demographic analysis of the criminal activity in your immediate locale

• Evaluate the use of electronic security systems and their applicability when compared to best practices and identified threats

• Review your physical security policy and procedural documents in relation to best practices and industry standards

• Review the use of fencing, shrubbery, clear zones, security lighting and other physical and psychological barriers, through the application of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) standards

• Provide an initial vulnerability findings report, documenting the results of our vulnerability site assessment and interview processes

• Analyze your executive travel, protocols, procedures and safe practices

Please contact an I-SAFE professional for a free consultation and our risk management solutions.